Alattal Series

Episode 1: Special Effects and Introduction

Episode 2: Fire Fire

Episode 3: White & White

Episode 4: Noisy Church

Episode 5: Should I Use Prayer Oil?

Episode 6: Should I Read 1000 Praises?

Episode 7: Cursing and Prayer Walk

Episode 8: Should I Bind Satan?

Episode 9: Partner Program or Daylight Robbery

Episode 10: Is Holy Land Tour a Blessing?

Episode 11: Positive Confession

Episode 12 & 13: Anointing and Falling Down

Episode 14: Gold Dust or Just Plastic?

Episode 15: I Saw God and Heaven

Episode 16: Visions and Special Revelations

Episode 17:Spirit Filled Children?

Episode 18: Receiving the Holy Spirit

Episode 19: Should I Speak in Tongues

Episode 20: Promise and Prophecy

Episode 21: Conclusion